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Why Did Billy Joel Write We Didn’t Start the Fire?

Why Did Billy Joel Write We Didn't Start the Fire?
Released on November 10th in 1989, the song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is a meaningful song written by pop icon Billy Joel. As part of the “Storm Front” music release, it talks about various issues that touched the life of the singer. As one of the highly interesting songs in music history, it is good to know the reason why Billy Joel wrote that beautiful song. The Reason for Writing the Song Why did Billy Joel Write “We Didn’t Start the Fire?” Joel said that he wrote the song because he really likes history a lot. In fact, he once mentioned in an interview that if he did not become a musician, he would probably love to become a history teacher. Right after it was released, the song’s catchy melody and meaningful lyrics easily got the attention of many people. The song...