Why Are Bottlenose Dolphins Becoming Endangered?

dasdasdasdasdaOne of the most well known of the species, there are numerous reasons why bottlenose dolphins are endangered. Most of them are due to the activities of man.


One of the biggest problems is the polluting of their environment. Every day tons of garbage are dumped into the seas. These include the thrash as well as industrial and chemical wastes. These elements are toxic. Just as humans suffer when exposed to pollution, so do these sea creatures.

The dirty waters make it harder for them to swim and it also poisons their food. The wanton pollution of the seas forces them to relocate. This affects their behavioral patterns and cycles greatly and is one of the reasons why bottlenose dolphins are endangered.

Illegal Fishing

Another reason is illegal fishing. Some people capture these animals and try to sell them to the highest bidder. It’s also a fact that some fishermen use illegal methods when trying to capture fish. Some of them employ huge nets trying to capture huge amounts of fish. In some cases the creatures are killed.

Even more dangerous are the explosives or dynamite fishing. This method kills thousands of fish and other sea animals. In addition it causes untold damage to the underwater environment. While some efforts have been made to stop it, illegal fishing remains one of the culprits as to why bottlenose dolphins are endangered.

Reduced Prey

These creatures feed on squid, shrimp and small sharks among others. Unfortunately these are also among the most endangered of animals. The shark population has been reduced greatly due to hunting. Meanwhile shrimp and squid are among the most in demand seafood today. Many people look at them as delicacies and so they fetch a high price.

The natural cycle allows for a balanced existence between hunter and prey. But human activity has created an imbalance. When the animals find that one area is short of food, they move to another place where it is in abundance. This creates a problem as the area becomes overpopulated with dolphins. This is another reason why bottlenose dolphins are endangered.

Destruction of Habitat

Because of their natural beauty, the areas where they’re set have become tourist attractions. Unfortunately, this has had some negative effects on their habitats. Too many people swimming around its domain have caused damage. Garbage and pollution have taken a hold. The tendency of people to try and get near these creatures affects their daily patterns and behavior.


Not to be discounted is hunting. It’s a problem also faced by whales. In some countries the activity is seen as a sport. Even though it can cause great damage to the environment, politics is preventing sweeping measures from being implemented.

There are just some of the reasons why bottlenose dolphins are endangered. These aren’t just lovely creatures. They are part of the food / life cycle in the ocean.

If they disappear it will affect the lifespan of other sea creatures, the consequences of which can be severe for the planet.

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