Why Are Chimps Endangered?


It’s necessary to understand why chimps are endangered before you try to take steps to prevent it. As with other animals on the endangered list, the reasons for this creature’s predicament are numerous.

Destruction of Their Homes

Every day thousands of trees are being cut down to make way for houses, shopping malls and resorts. The destruction of their homes means that the ape will lose more than just their habitat. It means they lose access to food supplies as well.

Aside from buildings, the forests are being cut down to make way for factories. As the industries develop, they release fumes and other toxic chemicals. These affect the animals near the other forests.

This is one reason why chimps are endangered; when other animals are affected, so are they because they belong to the ecological cycle. From over a million, less than 250,000 now remain in the African jungles. The same holds true in other parts of the world.

Being Captured and Sold as Pets

Another reason is that these creatures are being captured illegally. They are subsequently sold as pets. Even though there are some people who take care of them, most end up being locked in cages. Just like birds, locking them in cages can affect the creatures. It weakens them physically because they can’t exercise.

Emotionally, they get frustrated. It’s no different from people who are thrown behind bars. It’s also important to note that the baby isn’t just taken from the mother. The reason why chimps are endangered is that the mother, father and other relatives are killed. They are exterminated because they try to keep the humans from taking away the infant.

Being Sold as Food

Bushmeat refers to the meat of wildlife. Almost all wild animals are subject to this threat. Every year bushmeat hunters kill thousands of apes. They are cut down and their meat is sold.

This illegal trade is very profitable. The meat is sold to customers who pay large sums to indulge in this meat. For a long time, bushmeat has been part of primitive man’s diet. But the trade has created an imbalance. The ever increasing demand for this meat is another reason why chimps are endangered.

What You Can Do

There are steps you can take, big and small. The first is not to patronize bushmeat. The profit that traders make is the reason why it is so profitable. It’s also best if you don’t keep them as pets. If you want to, make sure that they are well cared for.

If you know anyone or a group that is engaged in selling / locking them, report them to the authorities. There are also several groups dedicated to preserving these creatures. You can participate there. On your own, you can tell your friends of the creatures’ plight.

By learning what you can about why chimps are endangered, you’ll know how to keep them alive. In the end, saving this ape isn’t just about keeping one species alive. It’s about preserving a part of nature important to ecology.

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