Why Are Clothes Important?

clothes is important

Most take it for granted that we clad ourselves, but there are actually several reasons why clothes are important. Some of the most common reasons are the following.

To Cover Ourselves

One of the main reasons why garments are worn is to cover various parts of the body. Usually there are different types of garments for men and women. In some cultures, women have to clad themselves in a special manner when going out. In Muslim nations, females wear veil around their faces.

To Appear Attractive

Another reason people wear them is to appear more striking. Since the ancient times, people have used garments, makeup and accessories to beautify themselves. From the ancient Egyptians to the present day, this trend has continued. Of course, what dresses are attractive depends on individual tastes.

Part of the reason why clothes are important is that it gives people a sense of well being. When dressed properly, it makes them feel more confident. Wearing the right outfit goes a long way towards making one feel comfortable and relaxed.

For Work Related Purposes

Another vital reason is it’s needed for work. Without the right attire, we won’t be able to identify the nurse, policeman or soldier. At a glance we’ll be able to determine that the person is a fireman, a priest or construction worker. In other words, it gives modern civilization a sense of identity. If people didn’t dress appropriately, the basic roles and functions of society would be difficult to perform. That is another reason why clothes are important.

For Protection

Some garments are designed for protection. Soldiers wear camouflage to conceal themselves from the enemy. Beekeepers wear special body suits to keep the stingers at bay. When working in dangerous environments doctors wear special quarantine suits.

Some garments are made as protection from weather and the elements. Divers wear specially designed suits to withstand the pressure in the waters. Mountain climbers are clad in thick layers of protective material. It is used to keep the cold away.

Some sporting events require athletes to wear protective gear too. American football players wear special pads and helmets. Race car drivers wear special suits to protect them from any potential accidents.

For Special Occasions

Another reason why clothes are important is that they are used for special times. For thousands of years, dresses have been worn to highlight special occasions. Among the religious, specially designed garments are worn on religious feasts and occasions.

Colorful and spectacular costumes are worn during special parades and festivals. The costumes people wear can range from the traditional to the fantastic. In the theater and operas, the actors and participants wear period costumes. Costumes are also used in movies. They help in establishing the setting and make it seem more real.

People also wear special dresses to denote nationality. Japanese women have the kimono. The Scots are known for the kilt, while traditional South Asians wear the sarong. Virtually all cultures have their own native costumes.

These are just some of the reasons why clothes are important. Instead of taking it for granted, one can stop and consider just how valuable it is.

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