Why Are Hurricanes Given Names?

A very dangerous kind of tropical cyclone that commonly occurs in eastern Pacific Oceans as well as in Atlantic Ocean, hurricane is characterized by thunderstorms that create heavy rain and strong winds. The development of hurricane is usually caused by various heat mechanisms like polar lows and warm core storm systems. The movement of this type of tropical cyclone is triggered by the troposphere’s steering winds. There are different reasons why people give names to hurricanes. To know the reasons, it is important to look at the truth behind tropical cyclone names.

Naming of Tropical Cyclones

hurricaneWhy are hurricanes given names? Hurricanes are named so that people can differentiate them with tropical storms. In addition to this, these tropical cyclones are given names to prevent confusion if ever a storm is followed by another storm at the same time. Meteorological organizations in the world agree that a storm transforms into a tropical cyclone if the wind speed hits 75 miles per hour.

To help people identify the natural disaster, meteorological groups provide different sets of names for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Basin, eastern Pacific as well as central Pacific. The Region 4 Hurricane Committee of the World Meteorological Organization is the agency assigned to give names to tropical cyclones that developed or originated in the Atlantic Basin. The names are commonly French, Spanish and English. Additionally, the organization alternates female and male names. It has chosen several sets of tropical cyclone names.

Other Relevant Information About the Names Given to Tropical Cyclones

Weather forecasters as well as meteorologists started giving names to tropical cyclones in 1950. After a year, meteorologists decided to use the international phonetic alphabet for the names given to hurricanes. The names given to the cyclones with the English origin started in 1953. In 1979, naming hurricanes with alternate female and male names was implemented.

Bob, David as well as Frederick are the three male names that were first used. Several years after, these names were retired because these have caused tremendous damages. The names David and Frederick were retired in 1979 while the name Bob was retired in 1991 when the hurricane with this name killed thousands of people in New England.

Every year, the first storm and hurricane in the eastern Pacific as well as Atlantic Basin have names that start with letter A. However, the first hurricane in a year that will originate from the central Pacific and will develop 140 degrees west longitude from the International Date Line always gets the succeeding name from the list.

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