Why Are They Called DC Shoes?

dc shoes

A footwear company based in the U.S., DC Shoes continue to attract and satisfy consumers with its superior lines of high quality shoes, clothing and apparel. It operates as a subsidiary of Quicksilver after the company acquired it in 2004. For more information and details about this company including why its products are called DC Shoes, let’s take a closer look at its brief but meaningful history.

The History of DC Shoes

Why are they called DC Shoes? When the company started in 1993, it first went by the name Droors Clothing Footwear, the words that stood for the acronym ‘DC.’ The current name DC Shoes was acquired when the company was sold to a new owner. Although a tie no longer exists between the old and the new group, the acronym is still used as part of the company name.

Primarily a U.S. company, this group specializes in skateboarding shoes. In addition, it also sells clothing and other outdoor gears like jackets, hats and jeans. It also offers shirts, snowboards and snowboarding boots. After showing a lot of promise, Quicksilver acquired the company on March 10, 2004. As a Quicksilver subsidiary, the group now sells footwear for different kinds of extreme sports including surfing, rally car racing and motocross. Furthermore, it also offers superior quality products for BMX, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Other Important Information and Details About the Footwear Company

Various individuals are responsible for the current success of the brand. Mike Warren is the current Company President, while Ken Block is the acting Chief Brand Officer. Block is a co-founder together with Damon Way. Many celebrities and famous personalities started to wear the company’s products because of superior style and quality. Some of them include rally driver Billy Manuhutu, television actor Kevin James and drummer Edson Rodriguez.

Famous Hollywood actor Adam Sandler expressed his fascination and interest on the company’s products. In the music video for the music release “Make It Rain,” rap artist Lil Wayne sported cool DC Shoes apparel. Professional skateboarders also love the company’s products including Brian Wenning, Colin McKay and Stevie Williams.

Other popular skateboarders share the same sentiments about the products such as Anthony Van Engelen, Ryan Smith and Lindsey Robertson. Of course, do not forget other famous individuals like Greg Myers, Ryan Gallant as well as Rob Dyrdek. Other cook and funky personalities and celebrities who wear the company’s great products include Cypress Hill members, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Blink 182’s Travis Barker.

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