Why Are Zoos Important?


The term ‘zoo’ is a shortened form of zoological park or zoological garden. It contains different kinds of animals including fun-to-watch but highly dangerous wildlife species such as crocodiles, gorillas and snakes. Aside from being a very good form of recreation and entertainment, such facility also serves a variety of other important purposes. Let’s look at these highly significant functions and know why zoos are important.

The Importance of Zoos

Why are zoos important? The most popular reason for this is recreation. Some people who own such facility use it to entertain guests and visitors. In exchange for this kind of experience, viewers must pay certain amounts of money just to witness all the featured animals from a relatively close but very safe distance. Many individuals find this practice quite relaxing and a very fun experience. Adults usually bring their children with them whenever they go to this kind of place. Furthermore, it is very enjoyable to visit zoos because they bring people closer to a natural environment, which is a very rare thing nowadays considering the impact of urbanization on society in general.

Aside from recreation, people also use this facility as an efficient means of educating people in terms of highly relevant issues like conservation and other ecological concerns. Today, there are educational officers, classrooms and education departments available in order to accomplish these noble aims. People can enroll in special courses or conduct field trips inside this kind of facility. Furthermore, children can also benefit from this because they can familiarize themselves with the different kinds of animal species.

Another good reason for establishing a zoo is research. The practice of using such facility for research started in the nineteenth century. Within a contained and artificial environment, scientists and experts observed the various important aspects of animals including their behaviors, physiology and anatomy. Today, this specific kind of facility is very much important to various kinds of fields including animal psychology, ecology and zoo biology. Moreover, some of the most recent researches focus on conservation breeding as well as ethology.

Lastly, people continue to establish, maintain and develop this kind of facility for the purposes of conservation. Throughout history, a number of contributing factors have led to the extinction of some animal species. To protect endangered animals, scientists simulate a natural setting where animals can live safely while in captivity. Likewise, they can also breed and increase their numbers significantly while they are protected from these harmful factors.

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