Why Did Carol Burnett Sue the National Enquirer?

Carol Burnett Sue the National Enquirer

A multi-talented individual who has shown the world great skills as a dancer, singer and comedian, Carol Burnett came to known as a writer. She was also a highly successful performer, with major appearances in the hit television program entitled “The Gary Moore Show” as well as lead roles in “The Carol Burnett Show,” which lasted for at least 10 long years. Here is a look back at her illustrious life and career including why Carol Burnett sued the tabloid National Enquirer.

The Reason Behind the Lawsuit

Why did Carol Burnett sue the National Enquirer? She filed a lawsuit against the tabloid for libel in 1981. During that very same year, the newspaper reportedly told how she got drunk in public. According to the report, she was sensitive about that particular issue because her parents also had problems concerning alcoholism. It was a big development in the world of entertainment. It served as a landmark case, particularly for celebrities who were subject to defamation and false reports.

The verdict went in her favor, wherein the court awarded her $1.6 million for damages. As the tabloid appealed, the court reduced the verdict later on to about half of the original award, significantly reducing the award to $800,000. In the end, an out-of-court settlement took place between the involved parties. She later on gave part of the award to the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California in Berkeley. According to her, the purpose of the move was to educate the students of journalism the downsides and bad effects of false reports and defamation against other people. For her, principle was one of the major reasons why she filed the lawsuit. Winning or losing was not a priority.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details About Carol Burnett

Burnett was a highly respected celebrity. In 1998, she went on to become the Grand Marshal of the 84th Rose Bowl Game as well as 109th Rose Parade. The year after, she bagged the honor of becoming one of the first honorees of the prestigious Back Stage West Garland Awards. When she reached 70, she was awarded with the Kennedy Center Honors in 2003. In November 2005, then-President George W. Bush granted her the highly special Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In November 2007, the Public Broadcasting Service or PBS made her as one of its major subjects in the documentary “American Masters.” As one of the most influential celebrities of her time, she was given a spot at the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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