Why Did the Holocaust Happen?


The reason why the Holocaust happened had to do with Hitler’s belief that the Jews were responsible for the misery in Germany at the time. Anti Semitism was not new, but the Nazis brought the terrorizing to another level.

Hitler’s Idea of the Superior Race

Although he was Austrian, Hitler became more of a German than most nationalists at the time. He fervently believed that the Germans were descended of the superior Aryan race.

He saw most of humanity as inferior to the Aryan class. Above all, he considered the Jews as subhuman. Hitler didn’t just think that they should be enslaved; he wanted them exterminated. In looking for an explanation as to why the Holocaust happened, this theory of the superior is one of them.

The Jews in Germany

The Jews were a minority in Germany at the time. There were only 550,000 from the 66 million population of the country. Still, they contributed to the country’s economy. 10% of the doctors there were Jews. Over 16% of lawyers and over 5% of its writers were also Jewish.

In addition they also held positions in some banks. In Hitler’s eyes, this was a problem. He didn’t think they helped the country. What he saw were subhuman beings taking away work and profit from the master race. This is why the Holocaust happened; as Hitler entered politics, he used the Jews as scapegoats. During the time, several people came to support him.

Jewish Persecution

The persecution started the moment the Nazis came to power. Within a few years of Nazi rule, the Jews were forbidden to hold on to their jobs. Their movement was restricted and so were their business opportunities. Stores and shops forbade selling of items to Jews. Many restaurants forbade them from entering the premises.

This was only the beginning. Unknown to the world at the tine the persecution had begun even before World War II. By 1938, the Nazi secret police imprisoned Jews, took away their property and burned their homes.

When looking for an explanation as to why the Holocaust happened, it can’t be denied that other Germans supported Hitler. Because the Nazis were able to provide employment, some found it easy to look the other way.

The Final Solution

The Jews would leave Germany, but they wouldn’t be safe. The Nazis hunted them down in conquered lands. In the Soviet Union, special corps were set up. Their sole purpose was to round up and kill Jewish men, women and children. The scene was repeated throughout Europe. Most were killed in gas chambers. Thousands were beaten to death.

Many became subject to medical experiments. The greatest number of victims died in Auschwitz, Poland. 2.5 million Jews were gassed to death. Another half a million died of hunger. All in all, over 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.

In trying to understand why the Holocaust happened, it becomes clear its root lie in anti Semitism. Hitler was not the first to harbor this sentiment. But it was his actions that brought the issue to the forefront in the 20th century.

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