Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary   War

There were a lot of reasons why and how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War. These factors helped them overcome the odds and gain their independence.

Inspired Leadership

When war broke out the Patriots were outnumbered. The British had superior firearms, and some colonists didn’t want to fight. They wanted to remain a part of the Empire. But what they lacked in numbers was made up for by leadership. In George Washington, the troops found someone who made them believe in themselves. The other leaders of the cause also helped them overcome the odds.

The leadership was not limited to talk. They were able to harness their men to fight in guerrilla warfare style. Familiarity with the territory helps explain how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War. Thus, the skills of the leaders helped play a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of the conflict.

Fighting for Freedom

The Americans weren’t just fighting for land. They were fighting for their right to live free from oppression. As the colonists prospered, the British started imposing taxes and levies upon the colonists. Harsh measures were laid upon them. These elements fostered in the Americans the desire for liberation.

The Americans were also fighting for ideals. These included freedom from corruption and rights for everyone. Among its finest exponents were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. Together with John Adams, George Washington and Patrick Henry they became known as the Founding Fathers. In this regard, one factor as to how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War was due to idealism and belief.

Demoralized British Troops

Another reason was the low morale of the British troops. They were better trained and had more weapons. But a lot of them felt that it wasn’t a war worth fighting for. In terms of resources, it seemed that India was more vital.

The British were also unfamiliar with guerilla warfare. They were more used to fighting in an open environment. Their lack of knowledge meant they were easy target for ambushes and attacks.

What few victories they could muster were limited to coastal areas. In the end, they couldn’t even hold on to them. Low morale and lack of territorial familiarity helps explain how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War.

Help from France

Not to be overlooked were the contributions of France and Spain. In 1778 the Americans secured an alliance with the two countries. They were able to provide additional firearms and weapons. Crucially the French blocked the entry of General Cornwallis, keeping him from helping his troops. This ended in British defeat at the Battle of Yorktown.

Although fighting continued on, this battle virtually settled the outcome. In 1781 Cornwallis and his men gave up. Throughout the rest of the country, the Americans were able to secure their territories and drive out the British. Two years later, the British Parliament recognized the independence of America.

It’s not possible to put in plain words how the Patriots won the Revolutionary War with just one battle or event. It was brought about by the people’s ideals. All of these factors helped in freeing the colonists.

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