Why Do I Have to Pay for a Domain Name?

There are several reasons paying for domain names is needed. Although it seems to go against the notion of free information, it is actually necessary.

To Pay for Expenses

The first is that the service costs money. There is more than just names involved here. To keep that domain, there are registrars that oversee the process. The registrars are the ones that prevent the name from being reduced to IP addresses. These things need to be maintained. If not, the system will break down.

There are people who work to ensure the service continues without a hitch. That is the reason why paying for domain names is necessary. Without the money, it becomes impossible to run.

To Maintain the Service

The other reason is that the name isn’t free. You may think that you invented the name, so it’s yours by right. That doesn’t apply in this case. What you actually do is more similar to renting. Once you choose a name, you’ll specify in the contract how long you want to use it.

After paying for it, no one else may use it. After the period elapses you can renew it or not. In other words, what you’re doing is pay for the service. If you decide not to use it again, someone else will have a chance.

To Avoid Duplication and Chaos

By paying for domain names problems can be avoided. Imagine if the service is free. This means there will be no sense of ownership. Everyone can use the same Web address. This will lead to duplication and confusion.

The result would be bedlam. You won’t be able to locate anything because anyone can use any name. For example, if 100,000 people use microsoft.com as their name, you would never be able to find the company site.

By paying for the service, chaos will be avoided. In the end, this is what will keep information on the Net free.

To Avoid Squatting

Paying a fee also discourages squatting. Squatting happens when someone paying for domain names doesn’t use it. All the individual wants to do is take advantage of the name recall.

Because the name is well known, users will go there. There’s nothing on the page but links to ads. Once they are clicked on, the owner makes money.

Some also buy the names and try to sell them for a higher price.
Although this happens, the presence of a fee usually discourages people from squatting. If everything were free, the situation would deteriorate. People would get misleading links and it will sow confusion.


You can buy from the ones available or you can make something for yourself. Before you do so, ask yourself if you really need it. If you just want a place where you can upload photos or your own personal place to hang out online, you can just opt for one of the many social networking sites available. These are free and easy to set up. The same goes for the blog sites.

If you want something for yourself, make sure that it is helpful. It should be easy to type (i.e., not too long) and yet informative. Also look around before settling for a service. Prices differ so look for the best one for you.

Paying for domain names is necessary. It helps keep the Web manageable. Although it will cost you, it’s really a small price to pay for the convenience it brings.

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