Why Do People Abuse Animals?

why do ppl abuse animalsKnown as the act of inflicting harm or pain to animals, cruelty to animals is criticized and opposed by many animal welfare associations in the world. To prevent the increasing cases related to animal abuse, most countries implement laws to ensure that animals will not be used by people for entertainment, clothing, research and food. Learning the different reasons why do people abuse animals is very important to help us develop effective ways to protect the lives of animals.


Why do people abuse animals? Most humans hurt or harm animals unintentionally. For instance, many individuals do not have ideas about the different kinds of shelters animals should have. Other pet owners use cruel ways to discipline their pets. Some people forget about their pets and do not give enough attention to the basic needs of pets. For example, there are pet owners who forget to give their dogs water for several days or there are individuals who leave their dogs inside a vehicle for several hours during a hot day. Lastly, some people allow their pets to stay in unhealthy and unsanitary places, which are harmful to the health of these animals.

Another reason why people abuse animals is that they want to have fun. Some children hurt animals to be accepted by their peers or friends. There are children who throw rocks at bird nests and hurt stray dogs in the neighborhood. Most of the time, children do not hurt animals for a long period of time, but to avoid these instances, parents should watch the actions of their children. It is important that they teach them how to take care of animals.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, some people abuse animals because they want to have control over them. It is also possible that some people harm animals to hurt other individuals. For instance, a wife could harm a family pet just to hurt her husband. Also other people hurt animals to produce food and other merchandises like clothes and accessories. Finally, some individuals hurt animals because they are suffering from mental disorders like zoosadism.


To prevent the increasing number of activities related to abuse of animals some countries like the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Mexico introduced animal protection laws or animal welfare acts. In these nations, those who commit animal abuse acts can be put into jail for at least six months. There are also penalties that they animal abusers need to pay.

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