Why Do People Have Birthmarks?

birthmarkKnown as marks that are seen on the skin of newborn babies, birthmarks are not hereditary and these can appear several weeks after birth. There are different myths concerning the development of these marks. Some people believe that these appear because the mother has cravings during her pregnancy that were not satisfied. For instance, if the craving of a pregnant woman for apple was not satisfied, her baby can have a birthmark with the shape of an apple. Another popular myth about the marks is that these are caused by having great fear during pregnancy.

Why do people have birthmarks? To answer this interesting question, it is important to explore the different theories surrounding the appearance of birthmarks. In addition to this, it is also essential to know the various types of these marks.


One of the theories that can answer the question why do people have birthmarks is that these are blood vessels, which have grown on the skin. According to some scientists, these marks are composed of cells that develop from the vessels’ inner lining. Other people believe that birthmarks were developed localized but imbalance factors that control the formation of blood vessels.


There are six types of birthmarks. The first type is known as Café au lait spot. This type of birthmark appears on birth as well as in the early childhood years. This can appear anywhere on human skin. Another kind of this mark is the congenital melanocytic nevus. It appears on the skin around the neck and on the head. Fair-skinned individuals may have light brown birthmarks. On the other hand, those who have dark-skinned individuals may have black congenital melanocytic nevus.

One of the most popular types of birthmark is the Mongolian blue spot. This mark does not have regular shape and it has wavy borders. Mongolian blue spot is common among Turks, East Asians as well as Native Americans. Nevus flammeus is a kind of birthmark that is usually caused by insufficient nerve supply in the blood vessels that grow on the skin.

Stork bite is a type of mark on human skin that can appear on the forehead, neck, top lip and eyelids. Most stork bite marks disappear after the first year of life. The last kind of mark on human skin is known as strawberry mark. Above 80 per cent of strawberry marks can be seen on the neck area and head. The mark is characterized by red, raised and lumpy area on the skin.

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