Why Do People Sag Their Pants?

why do ppl sag pants1For those who don’t do it, they may ask why people sag their pants. Different fashion styles produce varying responses and this one is no different. There are different reasons why people do it, but some of the most common are the following.

To Emulate Their Idols

A lot of teens and young people do it because they want to imitate their idols. The prevailing culture among young people today is if their idols wear it, they should wear it too.

A lot of artists (particularly rappers) dress up in this manner. Their fans think it looks good on their idol, so it follows that it will look good on them too. Thus, the main reason why people sag their pants is to imitate their movie / musical idols or other celebrities.

To Look Fashionable

Other people do it so as not to appear outdated. Among teens, acceptance into a group is important. Oftentimes one gets to join a group by dressing up in certain ways.

For other people, they just want to go along with what’s popular. Some get satisfaction from wearing the latest clothes or following the latest trends. In this regard, they are following a fad. These individuals will stop doing it the moment a new fashion style emerges.

To Appear Tough or Cool

Another reason why people sag their pants is to make themselves look cool or formidable. There are some theories that the style originated in prison. Whether that’s true or not, the fact is some gangs dress up in this way. For young folks, dressing in this manner makes them look very tough. It gives the individual a feeling of being cool.

To Express Oneself

Others say that they dress up this way because they just want to. It becomes a way of defining their individuality. Regardless of what others may think, the clothes become their way of expressing themselves. These individuals do it not to follow any trend. It’s something these men and women just enjoy doing. When studying why people sag their pants, individualism can’t be ruled out.

Varying Opinions

There are some who criticize this style. Sagging pants is okay, they say, but some cross the line when their underwear starts showing. There are some who think that it connotes some sort of sexual innuendo or invitation.

For others it is an invitation to trouble. As stated, some gangs dress up in this manner. What happens is that innocent teens who dress up this way become suspects.

Some young people have cried out against this harassment. Others point out that they shouldn’t be dressing up like that in the first place. There are some individuals on the other hand, who think that it’s not even worth discussing.

There are many other reasons why people sag their pants. In the end, it’s all up to you. If you don’t like the style, there’s no need to dress up that way. If you fancy it, then don’t let anything stop you. The bottom line is you decide what looks good on you.

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