Why Do People Smoke?

ptg00392291Trying to determine why people smoke can be tough. There is no shortage of medical findings stating its ill effects. Yet they continue to be patronized. The explanations put forward have ranged from psychological to emotional.


For some individuals, they just do it out of habit. They start lighting it up at an early age (i.e., early teens). By the time they reach adulthood, the desire to quit is no longer there. They’re aware of the medical findings and the risks.

However some feel that it’s “too late to quit”. Even if the threat of illness is there, some have the feeling or assumption that it won’t happen to them. A lifetime habit is one of the explanations as to why people smoke, making it hard for them to quit.


For others, it’s because it looks “cool”. The advertisements and commercials show these people as fun loving, attractive and happy. For young people, this impression can become permanent. It can influence them to take up the habit.

Peer Pressure or Emulation

Yet another reason is peer pressure. Teenagers may be cajoled into lighting a stick to “prove” their manhood. Other young people might do it out of rebellion or in imitation of their parents.

If the parents have the habit, it’s all too easy for the offspring to follow suit. Even if they don’t, their friends might encourage them. As studies have shown, one factor why people smoke is it makes them feel part of the group. They may or may not be aware of the health risks. But to them, acceptance of their peers is more important.

To Relieve Stress

Some individuals claim that the activity helps remove stress. The cigarette break is used by some people to try and relax. According to some smokers, inhaling the smoke makes them feel relaxed. Of course it isn’t just limited to lunch break. It extends to the period after work.


It is also a form of reward for some. Whether it’s passing a school exam or finishing a tough task at work, some use it as an excuse to light a stick. It gives them a sense of satisfaction. The “emotional high” that one feels is often cited as a reason why people smoke.

Clarify the Mind

Somewhat opposite to the above, some use it to prepare themselves for work. When faced with a lot of workload, these individuals claim that cigarettes help them understand and think more clearly. This works because it helps the mind focus on a solitary point. When they attain this relaxed state, it becomes easier to think.


For some, it just boils down to the experience being enjoyable. Some people can’t stand the smell of smoke, but others revel in it. For them, the joys acquired from the experience outweigh everything else that the medical profession may have to say.

These are just some of the explanations as to why people smoke. In the end, the decision to do it is up to the individual. However, it’s a good idea for people to know all the facts before making a choice.

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