Why Do People Wear Clothes?

man in suitDressing up is something most take for granted, but there are actually several reasons why people wear clothes. It’s not something usually thought about, but the truth is garments play a critical part in everyday life.

To Cover Parts of Our Body

For modern societies its primary function is to cover certain body parts. It’s a fact though, that primitive societies don’t consider this a necessity. There’s no clear theory as to when civilizations decided that modesty meant putting on garments. Sociologists, the religious people and scientists all have their own views and opinions.

The fact though, is that at some point this rule was established. It has continued to the present day, and it is one of the main reasons why people wear clothes.

To Appear Beautiful

Aside from modesty issues, the need to look beautiful was and is another motivation. You don’t need to look far to see evidence for this. There are magazines, TV shows and advertisements saying how lovely you would look wearing this or that.

This really isn’t new. Even during ancient times, dresses were used to enhance one’s appearance. During the Middle Ages in Europe, balls and parties were held by royals just to show their latest dresses and costumes.

Paintings and portraits of the time reveal how elaborate these garments were. Even today, one reason why people wear clothes is to look more beautiful. From parties to award shows, great emphasis is placed on the garments that are worn.

To Make Identification Easier

Another reason is to allow people to know what they do. Nurses, soldiers and cops wear distinct uniforms. This makes identification easier. This also applies to people in other lines of work.

For Protection

Some scientists believe that the garments were invented out of necessity. When it happened is uncertain but at some point man realized that he needed them. The first garments were made from animal skin. This indicates that it was used as protection against the extreme cold.

Next to the weather, it was used as protection against fellow men. A look at history will show that one reason why people wear clothes is for protection from bodily harm.

The Roman soldiers wore special armor designed to protect them from arrows and swords. This practice continued in the Middle Ages. Costumes made of armor were developed. In the modern era, special suits have been made for military personnel.

In some cases health hazards are the reason why garments are worn. Firemen wear special suits for fire protection. Medical personnel, divers and astronauts don special suits because their job requires it.

For Special Days and Events

Costumes have also become part and parcel of entertainment. Some rock bands wear colorful costumes during their shows to add to their appeal. Fiestas, birthdays and holidays are times when people dress up too.

There are many other reasons why people wear clothes. You may have other reasons for wearing them. But the one fact is that they are here to stay, albeit in ever changing forms and styles.

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