Why Do Strawberries Have Seeds on the Outside?

strawberriesThere are a lot of facts about strawberries that aren’t well known but can make for interesting study. Some of them can be as tantalizing as the fruit itself.

Why the Seeds are on the Outside

They are not. What you see on the outside are actually the fruits called the achenes. The red part on which the achenes are attached is a container. It’s actually the point or stem where the petals are connected to. Fruits of this type are called aggregate fruits. Anther fruit that belongs in this category are raspberries.

The seeds are always within fruits. In this case, the seed are in the achenes. There are usually 200 in each one.

Health Benefits

Other facts about strawberries show that it has several health benefits. Research has shown that it is fortified with vitamin C, fiber and potassium. They are also low fat, ideal for those on a diet. Taken together with vegetables, it can play a big role in reducing risks for strokes and some types of cancer.

Even during Roman times, they already believed in its healing properties. Historical records point out that it was used to treat fever, gout, kidney ailments and inflammation. Doctors back then also used it to treat other diseases including the liver and spleen.

In Myths and Folklore

Some of the most fascinating facts about strawberries are to be found in myth and the arts. In medieval times, the fruit was associated with carnal knowledge. Paintings that featured this fruit were often symbolic of sex or lust.

This is most apparent in Bosch’s the Garden of Earthly Delights. There, one will see strawberries between figures engaged in various sexual acts.

This no doubt led to the belief that it was an aphrodisiac. The fruit was served with sugar and other sweets to couples. Some also believed that slicing it in half and giving it to someone of the opposing sex will lead to true love. Others thought that the person whom you shared it with will fall in love with you.

Symbol of Luck, Beauty and Prosperity

While it was associated with lust, the facts about strawberries will show that it was also linked to good fortune. It wasn’t unusual to see churches with some strawberry design on them. In addition to wealth, they also came to stand for peace.

While it was used in churches, the fruit was also connected to ancient pagan beliefs. In Bavaria, some farmers would fasten small baskets filled with the fruits on cattle’s horns. It was done so to entice elves. According to legend, the little people loved strawberries so much that they would make cattle adorned with the fruit fertile.

It was said that Madame Tallien (an official of Emperor Napoleon) would bathe in the fruit’s juices. Over 20 lbs were used for this activity. She believed that it preserved her beauty.

These are just some of the facts about strawberries. As you feast on these delicious fruits, take some time to learn some things about it. They can be quite fascinating.

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