Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

christmasThe Yuletide season has become a special time for a lot of individuals. As the years have gone by, the reasons why people celebrate Christmas have grown.

To Commemorate Jesus’ Birth

Western Church tradition states that December 25 was the day when Jesus was born. Among many Christians, they look forward to the holidays as a time to give thanks for the birth of their Messiah. Although most observe it with merrymaking, devout Christians take time out to pray and give thanks. In most Christian countries, the season is marked by displays in stores of the Nativity scene.

Not all Christians mark Jesus’ birthday on December 25. Others do so on January 6. However in the Western world, their belief that Jesus was born on the said date is one reason why people celebrate Christmas.

To Exchange Gifts

The Yuletide season has also become the time for people to give gifts to one another. Exactly when this tradition began is not clear. However through the years, the idea of sending and receiving presents has become entrenched in societies. Along with gifts, greeting cards are also exchanged during the season.

The concept of gift giving has become so popular so that stores hold their biggest sales during this time. The period when the holiday season begins vary per country. In the United States, it’s on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In other countries the holiday shopping begins as early as mid November.

It’s been pointed out that the main reason nowadays why people celebrate Christmas is to give / receive presents. For some, the fixation with gifts can take away the true meaning and spirit of the season.

To Spend Time with Family

Even for non Christians, the season has become the period for bonding with the family. Family members living abroad usually come home for the holidays. In most cases, the holidays are the only time they can get together.

For this reason, the period has become very special. It’s that time of the year when people living in far away places get to visit their parents or siblings. It should be obvious that one reason why people celebrate Christmas is it offers quality family time.

To Get Together with Friends

The season is also marked by parties among officemates and schools. These gatherings are the best time for colleagues to spend time together. Through the whole year they spend it working behind the desk. The holiday season offers them the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Most of these occasions are marked by giveaways, singing and giving of presents.

The Meaning of the Season

It’s true that a lot of people get stressed during this period, hence the term holiday blues. This can be due to loneliness, worrying over the expenses and being stressed out. Regardless of the reason why people celebrate Christmas, it’s important that you commemorate the event the way you want it.

There’s no need to feel pressured to give expensive gifts or lavish presents. The truth spirit of the season comes when you spend time with family.

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