Why Do We Eat Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?

pancakesBefore people can perform the religious practices such as fasting and abstinence as part of the Lenten Season, they still need to pass through Shrove Tuesday. Primarily, this event is held a day before Ash Wednesday. Many countries practice this event including United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland. Furthermore, this special day is also celebrated in other nations like Canada and Australia. It is easier to understand why people eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday by looking at the basic nature of this event.

The Reason for Eating Pancakes on This Special Day

Why do we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? In countries such as England and other locations, Shrove Tuesday is also called Pancake Day because it has been a tradition to eat rich foods like pancakes on this particular day. Before they engage in Lenten practices, they prepare themselves by conducting such festivities. On this special day, they serve food that contains sugar, eggs and butter, all of which are ingredients discouraged during a time of fasting such as Lent.

Known as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake Day, countries like the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom serve pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. This event is an annual tradition when people serve delicious pancakes that are thicker and bigger than French crepes. These delightful treats are served with caster sugar or granulated sugar. In the U.S., they are also served with lemon juice, while people in Canada serve them with preserves or maple syrup.

Additional Information and Other Relevant Details

This special day is not just about eating and feasting. In fact, many people use this event to raise money for social work, such as the case of Uniting Church in Australia. In the United Kingdom, the government tries to raise money for social works as well as social awareness by holding the Rehab UK Parliamentary Pancake Race. Another group that makes use of this special day very well is the Westminster School in England, which holds a special event called Pancake Greaze.

The date for this special event varies somewhere in between the 3rd day of February and the 9th day of March, depending on the liturgical cycle for the Lenten season. People celebrate this day differently depending on what location they belong. For instance, people serve doughnuts and pancakes during this special day of celebration in Lithuania. Meanwhile, the people of Hawaii have Malasada Day, wherein they serve huge volumes of doughnuts. In Iceland, people serve peas and salt meat for their so-called Sprengidagur, or simply ‘Bursting Day.’

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