Why Do Whales Sing?

whaleOne of the most fascinating creatures in the world, a whale is a complex being with lots of interesting features and activities. This strong and massive mammal is subdivided into various species, some of the most popular of which are the humpback whale, blue whale and sperm whale. Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful creature and learn about its various important characteristics, including the reason why whales sing.

The Purpose of the So-Called Whale Song

Why do whales sing? The primary purpose why whales sing is to communicate with other whales. In doing so, they produce lyrical sounds underwater that is referred to as whale song. As massive and powerful creatures, the sounds that they produce are ultimately loud. However, the level of sounds varies depending on what species are producing them.

When toothed whales sing, their sounds can extend up to several miles. The reason for this is the so-called echolocation, which can reach up to 163 decibels. However, not all whales sing that loud. In fact, sperm whales only produce clicking sounds to communicate with one another. These mammals receive and hear the songs that other whales produce through the lower jaw, where the sounds pass through a cavity that is fat-filled and low-impedance.

Other Interesting Information and Details About Whales

These huge mammals have interesting behaviors. Unlike fishes, these creatures need to breathe air. They have to get oxygen using their blowhole at the surface of the water in order to breathe in oxygen. Furthermore, whales are known for their graceful surfacing behaviors, two of which are called tail slapping and breaching. Since they are conscious breathers, they choose the perfect time when they have to breathe.

Just like other mammals, these beautiful creatures have mammary glands. They use this important part of their body to produce milk in order to feed their young. Add to that, they are warm-blooded and possess hairs. Moreover, they also breathe in air right into their lungs.

Because of their huge size and unique behaviors, many people find whales highly interesting. In fact, these creatures are widely used in popular culture. Many individuals use them in religion, television, film as well as literature. For example, renowned U.S. composer Alan Hovhaness created an orchestra piece called “And God Created Great Whales.” Meanwhile, the film entitled “Whaledreamers” tells a story about an Australian tribe with a whale-centered culture. Of course, we cannot count out the animated movie “Finding Nemo,” which features a cute and friendly whale as one of its characters.

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