Why Do Wounds Itch When They Are Healing?

healing woundEveryone’s felt the seemingly insatiable urge to scratch a wound as it heals. Everyone has felt it even when they were young. You do remember the first time you got wounded on your knee while playing with friends, right? It hurts at first then you get it treated and as the wound heals it starts to itch. This prompts the question why do wounds itch when they are healing?

Understanding Wounds

The key to understanding why wounds itch when they are healing is to understand the nature of a wound. The skin, being the largest organ of your body serves as a layer of your protection. And as such, it is exposed to a lot of stuff from your environment. As a result, we all have been wounded in various ways.

We get accidental cuts when we were kids playing, you burn yourself one time, or at times you scrape a bit of skin off your shin. Whatever the cause you get the same result – a wound. It is natural for your wound to get bloody at times. This bleeding is caused simply by a tear in your blood vessels beneath your skin’s surface. After initially bleeding, your wound will start to heal.

Understanding the skin’s healing process will aid in understanding why do wounds itch when they are healing. After the wound stops bleeding the next thing you’ll notice is that your wound will have a scab over it. A scab is the hard incrustation that you usually find covering a wound. As kids, and sometimes even adults, everyone would just love to poke around that nasty looking scab.

When scabs form over a wound that is usually the time when the wound really itches. It is interesting that there are various explanations why do wounds itch when they are healing. In spite of the variances in these theories, they all point to the fact that it is a sign that your wound is healing.

No one can exactly pin point the how of the matter but it seems that the itching sensation is caused by histamines released by your white blood cells. Damaged cells and other unwanted matter is being removed from your wound during this process. Add the histamine that generally triggers that itchy sensation and voila. You have an uncomfortable itchy situation. Other than understanding why do wounds itch when they are healing, you should also learn how to treat the itch.

Getting Over the Itch

The last part of understanding why do wounds itch when they are healing is to learn how to treat the itch. Scratching or poking your scabs are unwarranted. However, you may apply Neosporin or other topical antibiotics when you get injured. This will prevent a lot of itching and large scabs from forming. Remember to bandage your wound and replace the covering everyday. Anti itch ointments or other products can also help with the itch.

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