Why Does Copper Turn Green?

Green CopperThere are a lot of facts about copper that people may not know about. The following information will show just how prevalent it is.

Why it Turns Green

The reason it changes color is because of chemical reaction. When
exposed to oxygen, it will assume that color.

For Electrical Wiring

Part of the basis why this element is useful is that it conducts electricity well. It’s this reason that it has come into use in many electrical equipment. Today the industry is one of the biggest consumers of the element. One of its most attractive features is that it becomes easy to use in electrical wiring. Because it makes wiring simple, a lot of appliances and gadgets make use of it.

For Decorations

Other facts about copper include the ease with which it can be fused with other elements. For example combining copper with zinc will produce brass. You can tell by looking at the brass which element is dominant. If the color is pale, then there is plenty of zinc.

When it is turned into brass, it can be used for making ornaments and decorations. Candles sticks, necklaces, imitation jewelry etc, the use of brass is virtually endless.


The element is also known for being resistant to corrosion. It also is a good heat conductor. For this reason it has become used in a lot of plumbing. A lot of pipes used are made of copper. Using this metal it becomes easy to manage the flow of hot and cold water.

Making Pots and Pans

Studying the facts about copper will show that it conducts heat better than most elements. This trait is the reason why it continues to be used in making kitchen utilities. Usually they are combined with tin. The combination is what gives pans their non stick feature.

Other Uses

Looking around your home, you’ll see that it is virtually everywhere. It is present in the wiring, appliances, electronic equipment, and pipes. It has been estimated that each home has nearly half a ton of the element there. Most cars also carry about 50 pounds of it around. This is of course due to the electronics and equipment around it.


Other facts about copper are worth pointing out. Its versatility has earned it the moniker of being the eternal metal. It is soft enough to bend in different shapes. It is also very durable, which is vital as it conducts heat and electricity. Because it is so vital to engineering and construction, it’s become integral to space flight as well.

The metal element is practically indispensable. It is used in computers and telecommunications. Vehicles need it to function as well. Without it cables, roofing, and basic designs would be non existent. Look around your house. The fridge, microwave and drying machine all have the element in them. The computer you use also has it.

The most basic and fundamental facts about copper is that we need it. Although it’s something most take for granted, it is virtually irreplaceable.

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