Why Does My Chest Hurt?

chest painThere are many possible explanations as to why chest pains occur. If you’re experiencing some discomfort, any of the following could be the reason.

Physical Fatigue

If you are physically tired, you might feel pain in this area. Lifting heavy objects puts tremendous pressure on this area. If you’re not used to carrying objects, this can lead to a feeling of heaviness.

Physical fatigue can also happen after working or extended exercise. One common reason is running. If you run for several minutes and come to a sudden stop, discomfort might arise. The same is true when lifting weights. Dumbbells and barbells place stress on the back and other parts of the body. This is one reason why chest pains occur.

Heart Attack Symptoms

A more serious cause is a heart attack. There are many ways in which this can take place. The hurt may come suddenly. You may feel a sudden sharp sensation in the upper body. Some report that it feels like a pointed object has been stuck there.

Others feel a squeezing effect. The entire area tightens up and there is difficulty breathing. It may also begin as a feeling of numbness. This will soon be followed by shallow breathing.

Heart attacks are life threatening diseases. If you think it is the reason why chest pains occur in your case, see a doctor immediately.


Some people experience tightness in this body area after eating spicy food. The feeling can be sharp or just heavy. Another reason this can happen is when food is consumed too quickly. Not chewing food properly may cause the food to be stuck in the upper body area. This may be the cause of the pain.

Emotionally Upset

When someone is upset, breathing comes in short spurts. The torso may feel tight as well. For people with heart ailments, this can also happen when overjoyed.

Pneumonia, Cold and Bronchitis

These ailments are other reasons why chest pains occur. The torso may feel very heavy. Others might also feel tightness around the back, shoulder blades and legs. The discomfort felt usually isn’t severe. However if the pneumonia or bronchitis gets prolonged, the accompanying ache might increase too. Some colds and cough can also bring this uncomfortable feeling.


Angina is a disease related to the heart. What happens is that oxygen supply and demand to the arteries are not equal. Oxygen isn’t delivered properly to the blood vessels because the route is blocked. This isn’t a heart attack, but it may be a precursor to it.

What to Do

As you can see there are many reasons why chest pains occur. Your actions should depend on the cause. If it’s just due to fatigue, take some rest. If it’s because of heart ailments, you should consult your doctor. If it’s due to food, change your diet. Or check if it’s related to allergies.

The discomfort you feel may not be due to anything serious. But it’s important to know the various causes, so you’ll be prepared.

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