Why Does My Face Go Red?

Why Does My Face Go Red1There are actually many reasons why the face goes red. The situations and occurrences vary from person to person.

What Causes Blushing or Reddening

What actually happens is that blood vessels in the skin widen. When this happens more blood is pumped up in the upper parts of the face. Sometimes the blushing can appear in other parts of the body too. It’s usually accompanied by a feeling of heat in the cheeks. It disappears after a few minutes. The experience is an involuntary reflex of the body.

Feelings of Embarrassment

One of the most common reasons is embarrassment. When someone makes a mistake in front of many people, this can cause blushing. While it is one reason why the face goes red, it doesn’t always mean something negative has happened.

Some people blush when they are given generous compliments in front of others. It can also occur when someone is in the presence of their crush. Words of flattery can make the face appear flushed as well.


In some cases the reddening could be due to allergic reaction. Someone who eats seafood may experience this. After having some shrimps, the person may feel the area around the eyes thicken. This is usually followed by the reddening of the face.

If the allergy is slight, this side effect will go away in a few minutes. If it’s severe, the person has to take antibiotics. When analyzing why the face goes red, this has to be considered too.

Excessive Heat

The weather can also play a part. It’s not uncommon to see people appearing flushed while walking in the sun. This is a bodily reaction against the heat. Usually this is not serious. However it can be irritating and quite uncomfortable. Individuals who are used to walking in the heat usually don’t show this effect.

Self Conscious

Some people blush when they realize they’re the focus of attention. Examples of this situation would be a contestant in a beauty pageant, being asked to make a speech or other similar circumstances. While it’s a common explanation as to why the face goes red, it’s not indicative of the person’s ability to handle the situation.


Anger and emotional outbursts can also cause the blood vessels to widen. In this case the effect may last longer than usual. Aside from reddening, the individual might also appear red in the neck area. It’s also not uncommon for people to feel very hot. Unlike blushing caused by embarrassment, anger induced flushing usually comes with rapid heart beating and even physical trembling.

Too Much Alcohol

People who drink a lot of alcoholic beverages might see their face appear flushed. The reason is that alcohol widens the arteries. The result is an increase in blood movement. This eventually reaches the face.

It becomes evident that there are several reasons why the face goes red. Most of the time, it’s just a harmless reaction to an unexpected situation. But still, it’s good to know the other causes and how they might be indications of something else altogether.

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