Why Get an MBA Degree?

Every year people around the country pursue their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree. These aspiring business minds study fields such as finance, accounting, economics, international trade, risk management and marketing. They go on to become financial planners, marketing directors, managers, small business owners, statisticians, economists and advertisers. Getting an MBA is an excellent way to break into the lucrative field of business.

To obtain an MBA, you will first need a Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited college or university. In addition, you may be required to pass the GMAT (general management admissions test) or GRE (graduate record examination) with satisfactory scores in order to qualify for acceptance. There are many schools to choose from to complete your MBA, and the program can usually be completed in 24 months in a traditional program or 18 months in an accelerated program. During the course of study, you will be required to take general knowledge courses such as economics, accounting, business law, ethics, management, marketing and finance. When your general courses are complete, you will embark on a study in your specialty area.

With the easy access of Internet learning, many students are earning their MBA degree online (more info here). There are many great accredited online universities available. In addition, many brick and mortar schools offer online degree programs in addition to their in-class curriculum. The tuition for this degree varies by school, with public universities offering lower tuition rates than private colleges and universities. The top schools for business are the Ivy League universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. All of these schools offer comprehensive MBA programs of study that will propel you toward a successful career in business.

In addition to studying in the degree program, many students learn hands-on in an internship. These students work for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and independent firms, learning the world of business firsthand. In exchange they receive valuable experience, knowledge and college credits that can be used toward the completion of their degree. Completing an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door in the world of business.

If you are a looking to study toward an MBA degree, you will be in good company. Many students around the country and around the world are digging into the world of business, finding lucrative opportunities at every turn. Get started today on your path toward business success with an MBA today.

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