Why is Agriculture Important?

agreecultureAgriculture is defined as a science focusing on the systematic way of producing goods through forestry as well as farming. Historians agree that agriculture played an essential role in the development of civilizations because it covers various fields of study that are significant to the survival of humans. There are numerous reasons why is agriculture important to humanity. Knowing these reasons is significant to maintain political, economic and social stability in the different regions of the world.

The Importance of Agriculture

Why is agriculture important? Agriculture is the key element to the discovery of the various means of collecting and storing foods during the early times. The concept behind the creation of food surpluses will not be developed without people’s understanding of agriculture. This led to the implementation of stratifications in societies.

In present times, business people find it very helpful in supplying work opportunities to some areas in the world. Farm owners hire great number of workers to do jobs like pastoral herding of animals, plant cultivation and plant breeding. With ample knowledge on this field of study, it will be easy for humans to develop new technologies and systems that will be helpful in improving food supplies in the world.

Agriculture is significant to the production of organic food, which started in the 1980s. With the opposition of some agriculturists in the world to the frequent use of conventional non-organic food methods or procedures, consumers started to demand for the continuous production of organic food. Because of this economic trend, entrepreneurs find great financial opportunities in the expanding organic food market. In the late 1990s, more private corporations ventured in businesses that deal with the storing and selling of organic food.

Agriculture is also helpful to stimulate environmental and social growth. By learning the various environmental friendly methods of producing and storing food, hunger was successfully alleviated in many countries since the 1980s. Aside from these, agriculturists also discovered advance methods that are helpful to improve the food supply in the 1990s. One of these methods is known as genetic engineering, which is very popular because it allows humans to develop new breeds of crops.

Finally, agriculture is important to world economy because it has great contributions to international trade since most of the items that are imported and exported by countries are agricultural products. To sustain the economy of a particular nation, political leaders should concentrate on implementing laws and policies that will strengthen the agricultural sector because it has an impact on the gross domestic product.

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