Why is Easter Celebrated?

Why Is Easter Celebrated1Even though it is a Christian feast, there are now many other reasons why people celebrate Easter. As with Christmas, it has become something of a secular holiday in America. Even in other countries, other aspects have been added to the festival.

The Resurrection of Jesus

For a lot of Christians, the reason remains the same. It is the day in which Jesus rose from the dead. After being crucified and dying, Jesus rose from the dead promising eternal life to those who believe in him.

Among many Christian denominations, the day is commemorated with prayers and hymns. Some Protestant groups start their observation on the night of Holy / Black Saturday. They light candles and at daybreak. For these Christians, the reason why people celebrate Easter (or should) is to remember the risen Christ.

Egg Hunting Time

In a lot of cultures, the feast means it’s time for the egg hunts. Communities, schools or malls usually organize the egg hunts. Colorful eggs are hidden in various spots. Kids look for them and get corresponding prizes. Exactly when this practice originated is unclear. Some have pointed to Pennsylvania as the starting place. However, it’s also very likely that the belief had its roots in Europe.

Whatever its origins may be, one of the main reasons nowadays why people celebrate Easter is the egg hunt. .

Family Time

For the non religious, it has become a time to get together with the family. Usually at this time there are special promos in shopping malls, restaurants or entertainment centers. As such, it becomes a great opportunity for families to spend time together. While they may not be celebrating any religious event, what most do is celebrate family life itself.

Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is another reason kids look forward to this day. The practice in the United States started in the late 1880s. Originally, the egg rolling took place in the Capitol. After officials said that it was damaging the grass, the First Lady had the kids come over to the White House lawn and do it there instead. This practice has continued to this day and is one of the reasons why people celebrate Easter in the United States.


Parades are also part of the feast in the US. During the early days, people would take a walk after going to church. Usually people would be dressed in their best clothes. In time this led to parades, the most notable being the ones in New York City.

Other Ways it is Observed

Countries observe the festival in different ways. Among Catholics, it’s usually met with prayers and giving of thanks. However most also take time out to join the egg hunts. Other countries are also starting to hold parades during the feast.

There are many reasons why people celebrate Easter. The bottom line is that how it’s observed is up to you. As with other feasts and celebrations, it has come down to the individual to decide what to make of it.

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