Why is Independence Day Celebrated on July 4th?

independencedayNothing can match the superior satisfaction that people can get from being free. This is the very essence of Independence Day in the U.S. Also called the Fourth of July, this holiday celebrates that great moment when the country finally acquired its liberty from the foreign power who once took it. This specific date is highly important to the U.S. as well as to its citizens because it served as a huge turning point in the nation’s history.

The Reason Why People Celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July

Why is Independence Day Celebrated on July 4th? It was on July 4, 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the United States Declaration of Independence. Written by Thomas Jefferson, this all-important statement declared the independence of 13 American colonies from the British Empire. Because of this historic move, these colonies became independent states, which later on became the United States of America.

Every July 4th of each year, U.S. citizens celebrate Independence Day in commemoration of that crucial point in American history. This holiday is marked with colorful parades in the morning, carnivals in the afternoon and fireworks displays in the evening. Special ceremonies are also held, featuring government officials and politicians delivering inspiring speeches for everyone. The entire day is filled with festivities as the people reminisce the special day when the country acquired its freedom.

Independence Day is a perfect occasion for playing patriotic hymns and songs. To inspire the people, different kinds of inspiring nationalistic songs are played all throughout the day including “This Land Is Your Land,” “the Star-Spangled Banner” and “Yankee Doodle.” Many people also play other songs during this special event such as “America the Beautiful,” “Stars and Stripes Forever” as well as “God Bless You.”

Another important highlight for the day is the military gun salute, which happens at noon. This tradition is also referred to as a salute to the Union. Of course, there are fireworks displays to add more life, color and spirit to the country’s celebration of freedom, history and tradition. These colorful displays of special pyrotechnics are conducted in various parts of the U.S. These include the National Mall in Washington D.C., Lake Michigan in Chicago and East River in New York.

One of the biggest and grandest events for this national holiday takes place at Detroit River in Michigan. The City of Detroit coordinates with the City of Windsor in Ontario yearly to host the annual Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival. This event is held, not only to celebrate the Independence Day in the U.S., but also the Canadian statutory federal holiday called Canada Day.

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