Why is It Difficult for Many People to See a Meteor Shower?

meteor-shower-photoThere are actually several facts about meteor showers that aren’t well known. Being aware of the facts about the phenomenon will also remove myths surrounding it.

Why the Showers are Difficult to See

There are several reasons why some people have a hard time seeing them. One reason is location. These are bright objects and will stand out against a dark background. If you are looking at a clear night sky, you’ll see them. But if there are city lights around, it’ll be almost impossible. The bright lights will almost certainly drown them out.

Another factor is the Moon. It is very bright. The biggest factor is the weather of course. Cloudy skies and thunderstorms can make it almost impossible to see them.

Peak Days

Important facts about meteor showers that you should also know are their frequencies. They don’t just take place on one evening. They usually happen over several days. Some days they will be more conspicuous.

On other occasions they’ll be barely visible. It’s all a matter of timing. You should also remember that they don’t make a sound. If you don’t look closely, the cluster could pass you by quietly.

Some Facts and Figures

The name itself is actually misleading. The word shower indicates that there would be loads of the material around the atmosphere. Usually however there are only a few. Even when they cluster together, it doesn’t always signify a whole bunch.

Other facts about meteor showers that you should know concern its origins. Some of these do come from meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Others come from a comet’s dust particles. Sometimes these particles pass through the atmosphere. As the particles enter the atmosphere, it dissipates. The resulting white light constitutes the showers.


The following are some of the terms that you’ll come across when looking the subject up,

Radiant: this refers to the point in the atmosphere where the showers emanate. In truth the particles all come from the same source, which is the comet’s orbit. The radiant is only a matter of perspective. If you are in space you’ll see that the particles come from the same spot.

Comet: an object in the solar system composed of ice and water. It is from these objects that the meteoroids emanate. When analyzing facts about meteor showers, it’s crucial to know where the particles come from.

The dust trail is the same as the meteoroid stream. The term dust trail is used more often by astronomers and scientists. In general usage, dust trails refer to big dust particles. Dust tails are the smaller ones.

The gas tail is different from the dust tail. The latter are made from dust particles. The former meanwhile are the remains of the ice.

Tips and Hints

Do some research so you’ll know when the event will occur. The weather bureau may inform you on when the showers will take place. However they may only specify one day. Go to the Web and look for more information.

Depending on your area, you might be able to see the particles on other days besides the peak one. By knowing the facts about meteor showers, you’ll have a better chance of seeing them.

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