Why is It Important to Maintain a Healthy Weight?

weight-lossIf you’re still wondering why maintaining a healthy weight is important, here are some of the reasons. The fact is you’re never too young or too old to shed or gain the needed pounds.

Risks of Being Overweight

There are numerous problems with obesity. Chief among them is the increased likelihood of getting a heart attack. Contrary to popular belief, strokes are no longer confined to people in their 40s or 50s. Some people in their 30s have suffered cardiac arrests.

The reason is that as young people indulge in junk food and sweets, their cholesterol and fat levels go up. If you are not into maintaining a healthy weight, the fats will result in high blood pressure. This can lead to heart attacks.

Overweight people tend to consume a lot of sweets like chocolates and candies. This increases the sugar level in the blood, leading to diabetes and all its complications.

Tiring Easily

There are other discomforts and troubles with being overweight. You run out of breath quickly. Doing simple things like lifting objects or jogging become difficult tasks. Some overweight people also have trouble sleeping. This can happen because the body is still trying to digest all the food. By maintaining a healthy weight, these problems can be avoided.

Risks of Being Underweight

Weighing less than the ideal is also problematic. Those who weigh less than the recommended amount will be physically weak. Some people might not think that this is a problem if the job is confined to a desk job. However, it can be. Underweight people who work extended hours can suddenly collapse from exhaustion.

While overweight people suffer from high blood, underweight individuals can suffer from low blood levels. This can lead to dizziness and feeling physically weak. The problem is exacerbated because the person gets accustomed to eating less and less. This can seriously affect the individual.

Finding the Right Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight starts with knowing the right level for you. This will depend on your age, gender and in some cases line of work. This latter is important to consider: two people may be of the same height and gender but if one is an athlete and the other is not, their conditioning will be different.

There are several medical / health books that can tell you what your ideal weight should be. But it’s best to consult your physician. Your doctor will then account for all the pertinent factors, including your health. Proceed slowly when you try to add or lose pounds. Starving or overeating isn’t the right way. Allow your body to adjust to your diet.

Keep in mind that tipping the scales right doesn’t require you to put on plenty of muscles (although they can help). As long as you have the right overall level, you’ll be all right.

The advantages of maintaining a healthy weight are numerous. Aside from the ones mentioned above, most people derive emotional satisfaction from being in shape. With benefits all around, it’s a goal everyone should strive to achieve.

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