Why is Mardi Gras Called Fat Tuesday?

One of the special events celebrated in European and American regions, Mardi Gras pertains to exciting, interesting and enjoyable activities held a day before Ash Wednesday. Some of the cities in the world that are popular for celebrating this event are Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, New Orleans in Louisiana as well as Sydney in Australia. Different activities are organized at this time like cultural presentations, feasts and carnival parades. Mardi Gras literally means Shrove Tuesday to French. To extend our understanding on this celebration, it is best to know the various reasons why most people refer to Mardi Gras as Fat Tuesday.


Why is Mardi Gras called Fat Tuesday? Mardi Gras is held a day before the start of Lent season. Eating excessive amount of food is prohibited during the season. Because some nations value this season, residents in these countries observe famous Lent practices like fasting. The primary reason why Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday is because at this day, most people in the above mentioned cities consume all the foods in their homes that are forbidden or not allowed during the Lent such as eggs, butter and sugar. One of the most popular foods served during Mardi Gras is pancake.

French people refer to this event as Shrove Tuesday since it will be the last time to hold merrymaking activities, which involved the excessive consumption of drinks and foods. The events held at this day differ on countries that celebrate Mardi Gras. To know more about Fat Tuesday, let us have a closer look on how the event is celebrated in different countries.

Mardi Gras in Brazil and Canada

Some of the most important activities at Shrove Tuesday in Brazil are the parades, street parties and feasts. The residents of Salvador, Recife and Rio de Janeiro regularly observe this celebration. Mardi Gras is also celebrated in the industrialized cities of Canada such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. In Quebec, almost a million people participate in this special event, which features interesting activities like food, music as well as comedy festivals.

Shrove Tuesday in the U.S. and England

The tradition is practiced in some of the major cities of America such as New Orleans in Louisiana. The practice was brought by French people who stayed in New Orleans in the 1700s. In England, some cities hold the Pancake Day during Shrove Tuesday. This is a festival, which features foods that are rich in sugar, butter and eggs like pancakes.

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