Why is My Dog Coughing Up White Foam?

dog_oliveThere are many possible reasons why dogs cough up white foam. When it happens, take the dog to the vet immediately. It may or may not be a life threatening condition, but it is better to be sure.


One possible cause for your dog coughing up white foam could be bloat (twisted stomach). For reasons not yet fully understood, the stomach muscles suddenly gets filled with air. It goes on to put pressure on the other organs. The most affected is the diaphragm. This makes it hard for the dog to breathe.

It also contracts veins in the stomach, affecting the heart. The stomach will then twist and turn. The blood supply will be terminated. The most common symptom is that of vomiting. As this is one of the common reasons why dogs cough up white foam, it is important to see a vet as soon as possible.

Usually 30% of those infected die, therefore, treatment is essential. The breeds most susceptible are the Great Dane, Saint Bernard and Poodle.


Another possible reason for throwing up white foam could be a fungal infection. If the dog has a weak immune system, it becomes susceptible to infection. If it tends to lurk or sleep in dirty places, it can end up eating some kind of fungus or bacteria.

Eating Dirty Objects

If the dog vomited only once and seems all right, it could have eaten something dirty. It could have digested small rocks, old food or even grass. The latter has been known to cause dogs to vomit. This is also one of the most common reasons why dogs cough up white foam.

Food Allergies

It is also possible that the dog is allergic to the food. It doesn’t always happen, but some breeds just cannot stomach certain dog foods. If they try to eat it, it can lead to indigestion. Those who eat rawhides are also prone to vomiting. You can try changing the food brand.

If the dog stops throwing up, then the food is the source. This doesn’t mean that the dog food brand is of low quality. It’s just that some of them are not compatible with your dog’s system. If you are not sure what to buy, consult your vet.

Tips and Warnings

It is not enough to know the reasons why dogs cough up white foam. There are other steps you can take to protect your pet.

  • The first is to make sure that your pet gets all the vaccination shots required. This will give the animal the protection it needs, from most diseases.
  • The second is to keep the environment clean. Germs and other microorganisms thrive in dirty places. Keep your backyard and garden tidy. This will keep your pet healthy.
  • Giving him the right food is also necessary. With vitamins and minerals, your pet will develop the resistance needed to fight diseases.
  • Finally, take your dog to the vet regularly for checkups. If you can’t afford to do that, give it medication when it has cough or cold. Don’t let an illness no matter how insignificant it seems, untreated.

As a responsible pet owner, you should know why dogs cough up white foam. By being aware of what they are, you can take the right course of action.

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