Why is My Pinky Finger Bent?

You might wonder why some have bent pinky fingers. You’ll find that there are people with pinky fingers that are more severely bent than others. The interesting thing is that if you have someone who has bent pinky fingers you are likely to find an ancestor of his that has the same condition. This condition is called camptodactyly and is a condition that is hereditary.

Defining the Condition

In layman’s terms, camptodactyly is the condition where there is a deformity in the fingers. Other people may have it on other fingers on their hands but you will usually find evidence of this on the pinky fingers. Such deformed fingers are usually bent either severely or just slightly.

A common occurrence among such cases is that these deformed fingers won’t be able to straighten out or extend naturally. Some people’s pinkies are more bent than others since some cases are milder than others. It may require a health professional to identify this said condition.

Causes of Camptodactyly/Bent Pinky Fingers

There are a number of causes of this condition that comes with the deformity of the fingers. Some causes include contracted ligaments and contracted tendons, which one might initially think of as the cause. However, some causes may not seem too obvious at the time like tight skin and abnormal muscles. One cause of this condition that can easily be detected is irregularly shaped bones.

Common Incidence

There are those who wonder just how common does this condition occur within the general population. The truth is that the exact number of incidence of camptodactyly is definitely unknown. The best thing that we can ever come up with is a rough estimate of the incidence of this said condition. A good estimate would be one percent of the total general population. Of course, this estimate will have varying degrees in terms of accuracy.

From what is known, it is observed that camptodactyly is more frequent with the female population than that of the male. It has also been observed that most cases of getting bent pinky fingers are more likely sporadic. However, it has also been observed that there are patients who might have relatives or ancestors who have the very same condition. Do take note that this said condition can also be an element of one underlying syndrome one might be experiencing.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Do not try to diagnose camptodactyly on your own. Don’t jump to any conclusion if you find a friend or relative to have bent pinky fingers. If you suspect that you have this said condition you should see your doctor. Mild cases or deformities rarely cause any functional problems. Surgery is not usually recommended for such cases. You should solicit the aid of a treating physician for severe deformities.

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