Why is Nutrition Important?

nutritionThere are many explanations that can be offered as to why nutrition is important. Some of them are listed below, but the bottom line is it leads to good health.

An Energy Boost

Eating the right amount and type of food will add to your energy level. If you’ve ever had to pass up a meal, you feel weak and even nauseous. By getting the right foods, we give our body energy.

This allows us to work more efficiently. If our bodies were cars, the food we eat is the fuel that drives it. Of course, cars need good fuel types to work. In the same way, our bodies need the right kinds of foods. That is why nutrition is important. If we provide ourselves with the right diet, we’ll be healthier and more productive.

Providing Useful Compounds

When you have the proper nourishment you also get the right types of compounds and elements the body needs. These include carbohydrates. These elements are changed into glucose. In turn these become the energy that drives the body.

Other crucial compounds are proteins. If you eat protein rich food, these are transformed into amino acids. These are the elements that help the body cope with injuries. The more proteins you have, the stronger the resistance of the body. Most of these elements are present in your muscles. Protein also provides a boost for the nerves and several organs in the body.

The right nourishment also gives you plenty of calcium. This is another reason why nutrition is important. Calcium is vital in developing robust bones and teeth. It also helps in promoting good health overall.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also critical to the body. These have many and varied functions. In general, their main role is to hasten the chemical fusions needed by the system. Vitamin C aids the immune system, B complex is an added energy boost and Vitamin A is good for the eyes. Other vitamins like E and D also have their benefits.

Other essential elements you’ll need are antioxidants. You can get them from green and leafy vegetables. Protection against pollution and unbalanced diets, antioxidants can be found in various fruits.

Effects of an Unbalanced Diet

The reason why nutrition is important can be seen when it is not carried out properly. A person lacking in calcium will have weak bones. Too little protein and you will be sickly and weak. Too much carbohydrates and fats will make you overweight. Lacking in vitamins also brings about risks. Too much or too little of these elements can lead to disease.

One of the problems is that the ill effects can take years to arrive. People who are indulging in sweets now may scoff at the idea of getting sick. Unfortunately when the effects do they take their toll, it can be devastating.

By learning why nutrition is important, you can take the steps needed for getting good health. With a balanced diet, you’ll be healthy and robust for many years.

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