Why is Rizal Considered the National Hero in the Philippines?

rizal1Historians and laymen can produce many reasons why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. Below are some of the most frequently cited ones.

Nobility and Dignity

What set Rizal apart from the others were his methods. Instead of relaying on the sword, he relied on the might of the pen. Using this method he was able to produce novels and poems that touched the Filipino’s soul.

Without resorting to violence, he made Filipinos realize the oppression they were going through under the Spaniards. In his poems he also made it clear how important it was to love one’s country.

It was a noble approach and something unique. Instead of raising arms, he embedded in the Filipino an idea. Unlike warriors, an idea cannot be killed. It is this reason why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines.

Showing the Filipino Potential

Rizal was a brilliant writer and poet. He was able to speak several languages and highly skilled. He was able to use his intelligence to set forth his beliefs and opinions clearly. As such, he was able to show his countrymen and the world what the Filipino could be capable of. By becoming a novelist, engineer, writer etc Rizal showed that there was no limit to the ability of the Filipino.

Fighting for Freedom

Through his works, Rizal was able to revolutionize the way that the Filipino thought. That is another reason why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. Even without making rousing speeches or bold declarations, he was able to stir the people’s inner spirit.

He showed that without killing another man, one can fight oppression. He also demonstrated how the power of the pen could be stronger than the sword. He also showed how someone could bring about change without resorting to violence.

A Reformist

Rizal was also different from the other revolutionaries in other ways. He didn’t just want freedom for the people. He wanted reforms. Through his works he wanted to show how important it was for the Philippines to be civilized.

The reason why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines is because he looked far beyond overthrowing the Spaniards. He was interested in the long term situation of the country.

Dying for His Country

Even though he carried no arms, Rizal was very brave and courageous. He used his pen to expose the hypocrisy of the Spanish authorities. He was not afraid of the authorities even when they threatened him with execution.

In the end, his written works cost him his life. But he knew that his death was not in vain. The man knew that while they could kill his mortal body, the idea of freedom was forever in the minds of the people.

It was a concept that would burn in the minds of every man. As long as the ideal was burning in the heart, the death of Rizal would only be in the physical sense. In spirit, he was in every individual.

The ideals that he fought for are still alive today. There are many challenges facing the Filipino. But the reasons why Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines continues to inspire the Filipino to march on.

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