Why is Smoking Bad for You?

smoking_largeKnown as the practice of burning a substance and inhaling or tasting the smoke, smoking has various negative effects on human health, which is why many medical professionals oppose this practice. One of the most usual forms of smoking is with the use of cigarettes. Other tools that are used in this practice are cigars, bongs, hookahs and pipes. The substances that are commonly used in smoking like heroin, hard narcotics and crack cocaine are addictive so most smokers get hooked with this practice. To learn why smoking is bad for you, let us explore the health risks associated with this deadly and health hazardous practice.

Health Risks

Why is smoking bad for you? Smoking is bad because it poses numerous health hazards. This practice causes severe damages on major body organs like the lungs and the heart. In addition, it is the usual cause of the development of some deadly diseases including lung cancer. This serious health condition can cause health complications. Aside from cancer, this hazardous practice causes other illnesses like pneumonia, abdominal aortic aneurysm and cataract. Diabetics are also warned to avoid inhaling the smoke of burned cigarettes and tobaccos because it can worsen their health condition.

Studies conducted by medical experts proved that the survival rate of smokers after a major surgery is lower than the survival rate of non-smokers. Many physicians also agree that smoking damages the host defenses of the body, which delays the wound healing processes. Another health risk caused by this practice is the development of vascular abnormalities, which cause strokes, stenosis and impotence.

Smoking among pregnant women is prevalent in some countries. This practice is very risky since it poses serious threats to the survival of the infant. Women who frequently smoke during their pregnancy put the lives of their babies at risk. Some of the serious effects of the practice are premature birth, miscarriage, placenta abruption, respiratory infections and low birth weight. One of the most alarming effects of smoking among pregnant women is the exposure of the infant to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Toxic Substances in Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain different toxic substances, which are harmful to human body. Tar is one of the substances that stimulate the development of lung cancer. Another toxic substance that is present in cigarettes is carbon monoxide, which causes asphyxiation and coma. Aside from these substances, cigarettes contain nicotine, arsenic, formaldehyde, cadmium, benzene, acetone and ammonia. Most of the mentioned chemicals cause damages to major body systems like the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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