Why is Sociology Important?

around_worldOne of the interesting fields of social sciences, sociology focuses on the application of systematic methodologies in interpreting different phenomena that usually happen in societies. This specific branch of social sciences has a broad scope since it provides explanations on events using the micro level and macro level approaches. To know why is sociology important, let us have a closer look on the topics and concepts covered in this particular field of study.

Micro Level

Why is sociology important? This field of study is very important to explain different events and concepts in micro level. When sociologists talk about micro level, they refer to elements and phenomena involving small groups of people. In addition, this branch of social science is essential to assess the effects of the environment on the personality, attitudes, perspectives and behaviors of a social being. To answer some of the common questions related to social interactions and social relations, individuals who specialize in this field conduct empirical researches that use different methodologies like participant observation and one-on-one interview.

Macro Level

Sociologists are also knowledgeable in understanding concepts, elements and phenomena in macro level. Deviance, social problem and social stratification are important concepts to explain conflicts between two countries. Other topics that are covered in sociology are social movement and social change. Having knowledge on sociology is also essential to understand the culture of other people. To explain social phenomena using the macro level approach, sociologists conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative studies. These researches use two or more methodologies to get precise findings or results. Some of the useful and reliable methods used in these studies are survey and archival research. To understand the findings, professionals refer to different sociological theories conceptualized by early scholars including Max Weber and Karl Marx.

Other Relevant Information

Sociology is important because it provides an intensive look at humanity. Many countries value individuals who are knowledgeable about this field because they can provide useful and unbiased outlooks on interesting social events. Having ample understanding on this field of study is advantageous because it teaches individuals to analyze the effects of social relations and interactions on economic and political activities.

This field of study was institutionalized and recognized as an academic discipline at the University of Kansas in 1890. After a year, the school established the Department of History and Sociology. Many students showed interest in this branch of social science, which led to the establishment of University of Chicago’s Department of Sociology in 1892. The first professional association of sociologists was established in 1893 by Rene Worms.

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