Why is the Blackboard Green?

blackboardAlthough they are still widely used in classrooms today, there are a lot of facts about blackboards that people may not know about. The following information can help shed light on it.

Why it is Green

There are several theories put forward to explain this. One theory is that green was chosen because it is easy on the eyes. Since students have to focus on what is written there, manufacturers picked green. Studies have shown that for most people, it is the easiest color on the eyes.

Other colors like yellow or orange can cause strain if stared at too long. Today however they come in various colors. Next to green, black and white are the most popular.

Blackboard / Chalkboard

Other facts about blackboards that need to be clarified are the names. These two are the same thing. Chalkboard is more widely used in the United States. It came into use around 1935.


The original ones were made of slate. This is grey or black, which is probably where it got the name. In other countries it is usually covered with green color. Modern variants also come in porcelain. The advantage of using this material is its durability. These usually come in white (hence the term whiteboard) but some are still green or black.

Today some are made from coiled plastic sheet. Drawn with rollers, this is scrollable and removes the need for erasing repeatedly. Markers are often sued on them.


Studying their composition will also reveal other facts about blackboards. Among them are their benefits. The biggest one is their availability. They are relatively inexpensive. They are easy to set up and put in place. Their varying sizes also make them very convenient.

It has also been pointed out the surface of the chalkboard helps children learn to write. The resistance is just right. White boards on the other hand, are too smooth.

Another benefit is that chalk isn’t hard to clean up. If you get some on your shirt it can be removed easily. Markers can be hard to remove. Chalk also stays a lot longer on the surface.


The biggest concern about chalkboards is dust. Wiping them off the chalkboard sprays a lot of dust. Those with allergies and respiratory ailments might experience difficulty breathing. When studying facts about blackboards however, you’ll learn that dust free chalks have been invented.


The chalkboard was first used in 1801 in America, although it is believed to have been first used in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before that time, teaching was very difficult to do. Teachers would give students a small board made of wood or black grit. The teacher would go over each one at the end of class.

This was very inconvenient. Teachers couldn’t get their points across. Without the chalkboard, it became difficult to express ideas in a visual way. That was why the chalkboard became widely used.

These are some facts about blackboards, which you may have not known. This information can make you appreciate this instrument even more.

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