Why is the Liberty Bell Famous?

liberty_bellAmongst the numerous landmarks and symbols that represent the U.S., one of the most popular is the Liberty Bell. Found within the City of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, this bell was used significantly during the time when the country was still shaping its independence and history. For more details on why is the Liberty Bell famous, here is a quick look at some of the important events that transpired in the past.

The Significance of the Liberty Bell

Why is the Liberty Bell famous? According to many historians, this thing is very popular because it is a prominent representation of the American Revolutionary War. As one of the most important points in U.S. history, people were fighting for justice and liberty for all. More importantly, it also serves as a unique and clear symbol of independence in the country.

Based on some historical accounts, this bell was used to get the attention of the people before the Declaration of Independence was read. Meanwhile, other records show that it was also used to mark the start of the First Continental Congress, which happened in 1774. Additionally, people rang this bell when the Battle of Lexington and Concord concluded the year after.

Other Historical Facts and Additional Details

Prior to 1838, other names were used to address this object. Its previous names were ‘Old Yankee’s Bell’ and ‘Independence Bell.’ Even before, it was already very important as it was used to symbolize the abolitionist movement.

The Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly ordered this important object in 1751. Its primary purpose was to serve the various needs of the Pennsylvania State House. Whitechapel Bell Foundry manufactured it in the City of London, England. The company then shipped the item to the city sometime between August and September 1752.

At first, temporary scaffolding was used to hold the bell right outside the Pennsylvania State House. During the testing process, the object cracked, which caused disappointment to numerous citizens. In order to fix the bell, the services of Philadelphia’s John Stow and John Dock Pass were acquired to recast it. When the two added copper to the composition of the item, it resulted in an unsatisfactory tone. Because of this, they had to recast the bell once again. When they finally got the right balance, they hanged the bell in June 1753 within the vicinity of the Pennsylvania State House.

Every year, many people and tourists from different parts of the globe visit the Liberty Bell Center. Approximately two million visitors go to this place annually just to witness and experience this highly important national symbol.

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