Why is There a Hole in the Top of Texas Stadium?

texasstadiumTexas Stadium is a highly popular venue for professional football games and other huge events. It played host to the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, which used the place as their home field. Several years after it opened in October 1971, the place finally shut down its operations in December 2008. People can find out more about this place including why there is a hole in the top of Texas Stadium by taking a closer look at some of its features.

The Reason Behind the Unique Roofing System of Texas Stadium

Why is there a hole in the top of Texas Stadium? According to those who are familiar with the stadium’s architecture, it has a hole on top to give fans an outdoor experience within an indoor atmosphere. This unique yet highly interesting design is guaranteed to provide people superior viewing pleasure while watching the different games. Although the place has an outside feel, the fans were still protected from different weather conditions because of the indoor environment with walls. Of course, we cannot count out the possibility that fans of the Dallas Cowboys would argue that the main reason why ‘there is a hole on the stadium was for God to watch his favorite football team play.’

Additional Information and Details About Texas Stadium

The construction of this state-of-the-art sports facility was $35 million. It was opened to the public in October 1971, with a massive seating capacity of up to 65,675 people. Since then, it has already hosted countless football matches including the professional games of the Dallas Cowboys against other teams in the National Football League. Besides sports, it has hosted religious gatherings such as the Promise Keepers crusades.

For wrestling enthusiasts, they have seen this unforgettable venue as it hosted professional wrestling matches for a considerable length of time. The World Class Championship Wrestling held what was once a yearly affair David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions. Aside from wrestling, the venue was also used by the Major League Lacrosse to hold a professional game between the Long Island Lizards and the Philadelphia Barrage in May 2008. The last football game for high school teams at this venue also happened in 2008. It was a state championship between the Celina Bobcats and the Carthage Bulldogs.

The Dallas Cowboys decided to leave the stadium after the lease expired at the end of 2008. They transferred to a new facility called the Cowboys Stadium, which is located within Arlington in Texas. Just like the old stadium, the new one also has a unique roofing system that features a hole. On the other hand, the Department of Transportation in Texas leased the old stadium has been leased by the Texas Department of Transportation for at least 10 long years at the price of $15.4 million.

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