Why is Zoology Important to Us?

zoologyStudents who spend hours studying it may be asking why zoology is important. It doesn’t concern people, so what practical uses does it have? It’s a legitimate question. For those who are asking why, here are the answers.

To Appreciate Nature

If you don’t know anything about animals or biology, nature seems to be just about chaos. Everything seems to happen at random. But once you study the life cycles and food chain, you’ll have a better understanding of nature’s handiworks.

When you look at the subject, you learn why animals behave this way or that way. It makes one admire nature even more. The reason why zoology is important is that it gives you the opportunity to see nature for what it really is. Not random chaos, but various life forms that interact with one another in amazing ways.

To Understand Animals

Studying the subject allows you to learn more about animal behavior. For example, tigers and sharks are usually thought to be mindless killers. But if you consider their nature and habitats, it will be clear that they become threats only when people interfere with their activities.

Studying the matter will also dispel a lot of myths. Some still believe that killer whales attack people when in fact they are peace loving creatures. The notion that all snakes are poisonous is still widespread.

So one of the reasons why zoology is important is that it increases knowledge and removes ignorance. When we are ignorant about something, it creates fear and uncertainty. With knowledge, we are able to act more responsibly. This also leads to a better relationship with the animal kingdom.

To Understand the Importance of Preservation

Learning facts and figures about animals isn’t just about storing the data in your head. It also makes you realize why preserving and balancing nature is critical to human survival. When you study animal life you learn of their habits, food and behavior. You’ll see that they are all integrated.

When one species is eliminated, others are affected. Hence it becomes clear why preserving these animals and their habitat is crucial. To explain why zoology is important, it just needs to be pointed out that it leads to greater understanding of nature.

To Know Man’s Role in Nature

There’s nothing wrong with economic progress. But it shouldn’t come at the cost of destroying rainforests or wiping out entire species. When we harm nature, the retribution will be swift.

Cut off trees and destroy forest wildlife, and floods will take place. Drive animals from their homes and they will become a pestilence. When natural disasters strike, material properties are destroyed. The things for which animals are killed for are obliterated.

In short, more problems are created. It is only when you comprehend the facts about animals will this problem and others like it become evident.

You don’t need to be adept at it, but knowing why zoology is important will serve everyone in good stead. By learning about the subject, it becomes clear why balancing economic growth with natural preservation is critical.

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