Why Use the + When Searching on the Internet?

searchenginesThe Internet has become the superhighway when it comes to being a source of information. Sometimes by simply searching a single word on a search engine will yield over thousands of results. The average user of search engine will only have the patience to check out until the 10th page of the results done on a search engine. Filtering out all the information coming in would therefore be in your best interest where research is concerned. This is one reason why you should use the + when searching on the Internet.

Filtering the Information Overflow

One way to filter all the information you get when you make a search online is to use the + when searching on the Internet. One can readily admit that looking for whatever information possible online can sometimes become really tough. Sometimes you might have to make logical guesses in order to obtain information you are looking for.

Spamming search engines is also another thing that you have to deal with when doing online research. Spamming occurs when a search engine is tricked into listing sites that are not really relevant to the search key words you just put in. A search engine should be designed to filter out any spam that gets displayed in your search results. Most search engines you find nowadays will allow you to fine tune whatever listings you might get.

Use the + When Searching on the Internet

One of the best ways to avoid all the trouble of checking out a lot of websites just to get the information you need is to filter out your search at the onset as you put in your keywords. When you use the + when searching on the internet you save a lot of time looking for specific information.

Since the internet also works and behaves much like a computer database using Boolean expressions helps a lot when refining your search. The + sign also means the same as the Boolean ‘AND’ expression. Other logical operators in this system includes ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’. When you use the + when searching on the internet you are looking for the relationship between at least two key words in your search.

For instance, you are interested in looking for information on gender-specific crimes and the effects of poverty on crime rates; you’ll have an overload of information if you search each key word at a time.

In order to quickly find the relevant information you need to use the + when searching on the Internet. You’ll be using ‘gender + crime + poverty’ in your search. Your search engine will retrieve all the documents and provide links to information that contains all three key words and those that contains the relationship between all three. You have then narrowed your search and made your information searching a lot easier.

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