Why Was the Constitution Created?

chp_constitution1When the various states started coming together as a country, its leaders knew there needed to be a fundamental law in the land. That was one reason why the Constitution was created. However there were many others.

To Replace the Articles of Confederation

The current Constitution came into being in 1788. Seven years earlier, the Articles of the Confederation were drafted. These articles were meant to be the supreme law of the United States. However there were some shortcomings. Too much power was given to each state and not enough to Congress. The end result was that Congress became powerless.

With each state having its own laws, they started drawing up their own tax systems and rules. It became apparent that a new law had to be implemented if the country were to survive and not disintegrate. In many ways, the reason why the Constitution was created was to make sure the new country actually survived.

To Guarantee Freedom

During the late 1700s, most countries of the world were ruled by monarchies. These individuals held absolute power and control. However, they were also subject to numerous power grabs. Revolutions and internal conflicts often took place.

America’s Founding Fathers knew that system would result in trouble. They were once subject to the British Crown and were determined not to let it happen.

It’s for this reason that the framers decided the leaders should be chosen by the people. Instead of a king, the power was handed over to the people. In this manner, a smooth transition of power was assured.

In other words, the reason why the Constitution was created was to ensure that another violent revolution would never take place again.

To Protect the Rights of Every Individual

Enshrined in the law is the Bill of Rights. It states that everyone has the right to free speech, the right to remain silent and freedom to practice any religious belief.

Among the other amendments that have been made include the right for women to vote. This was the 19th Amendment and was passed in 1920. Another important amendment was abolishing slavery.

The Civil War

The latter came about at the end of the Civil War. During the 1860s the northern states started calling for an end to slavery. The southern states opposed it because slave labor was needed for their businesses. War followed, and the North won.

After the war, the 17th Amendment stated that slavery was no longer allowed. As should be clear by now, part of the reason why the Constitution was created and why it’s so important is that it allows for amendments to be made. This makes it easy to make changes to it when needed.

Realizing its Importance

Some people may take it for granted, but the fact is that the laws inscribed there are very important to society. When it was first framed, people in other nations didn’t enjoy those rights. They could not criticize their rulers. They were forbidden from choosing who will be in power. They could only practice the state religion.

Even today there are nations where people aren’t allowed to express themselves feely. In some societies, women still cannot vote and their functions severely limited.

In the end, the reason why the Constitution was created was to ensure the equality and freedom for all Americans. Whatever their belief, opinion or notion of the country may be, they are equal in the eyes of the supreme law of the land.

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