Why Was the Gettysburg Address Written?

address20documentWritten by former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address is one of the most symbolic and significant speeches in the history of the United States. It was a well-written speech with a noble aim and a very clear purpose. It greatly inspired numerous people during a time when the independence of the country was marked by instability. Here is a quick take on U.S. history, particularly the major reason for writing the Gettysburg Address.

The Importance of the Gettysburg Address

Why was the Gettysburg Address written? Lincoln wrote this highly popular speech in an effort to redefine the Union’s purpose for fighting in the Civil War. He delivered it on November 19, 1863, the day when the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania was dedicated. It was a time when the Civil War was still in effect. The Union soldiers were still fresh from their victory at the Battle of Gettysburg against the Confederacy.

Generally, the speech was crafted carefully. Many people, up to this point, consider this address as the best ever made in U.S. history. Lincoln used the Declaration of Independence as reference for this speech. He focused on the principles of human equality to redefine the Union’s principle and purpose for taking part in the Civil War. As part of the speech, he talked about a unified country as well as the importance of equality amongst its people.

The Battle of Gettysburg produced a massive number of casualties. At least 160,000 U.S. soldiers fought in that event. After the battle, there were thousands of dead horses and at least 7,500 dead soldiers. The deceased soldiers were provided with decent burial. As part of the ceremony, Lincoln delivered this historic speech. More or less 15,000 people were present to witness the ceremony. Add to that, there were Union state governors. Among them were Ohio’s David Tod, New Jersey’s Joel Parker and New York’s Horatio Seymour. The other three governors present in that event were Indiana’s Oliver P. Morton, Maryland’s Augustus Bradford and Pennsylvania’s Andrew Gregg Curtin, all of which were Lincoln’s special guests.

Additional Information and Other Relevant Details

This important point in history not only consecrated the cemetery grounds at Gettysburg, but it also dedicated the noble efforts of deceased soldiers in preserving an independent government. No one can deny the importance of this speech. Until now, people continuously use this text for a variety of purposes. The text was carved at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., which is located at the south wall.

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