Why Were the Olympics Revived?

olympic_ringsThe Olympic Games are without a doubt the biggest and the most anticipated sporting events in history. These events are participated by various countries all over the world. They showcase the highest level of sportsmanship possible. Held every two years, the games are divided into summer and winter festivities, which are scheduled alternately. Because these sporting events were halted at some point in time, it is good to know why the Olympics were revived.

The Reason Why the Olympics Were Revived

Why were the Olympics revived? After a long span of time when the Olympics were not held, a historian named Baron Pierre de Coubertin used the different sporting events and festivals as inspiration to reintroduce the Olympic Games to the world. In 1894, he established the International Olympic Committee. A couple of years after that, the games were resumed in Athens, which is the capital of Greece.

Before these important developments, numerous factors led to the stoppage of the games. Despite the benefits and advantages that these games brought, the Romans ordered the elimination of such practices when they gained control over Greece in 393 AD. In the 19th century, the games got their revival in modern times.

In 1829, Greece finally got its independence from the Ottoman Empire. Once its people were set free, they showed great interest on the revival of the games. In 1859, an international sporting event was held just like that of the old Olympics. After that, various events and festivals followed. Coubertin attended the Olympian Games of the Wenlock Olympian Society in 1890. As he watched the different events, he thought that a revival of the Olympics was attainable. One of his major goals during that time was to internationalize the events.

From June 16 to June 23, 1894, the members of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Congress met in Paris, France. At the conclusion of the meeting, the attendees have decided to hold the very first modern version of the Olympic Games on Athens in 1896. Demetrius Vikelas was elected as the very first president of the International Olympic Committee, which successfully handled and organized the different games and events.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

When the Olympic Games were revived in 1896, the participants recorded for the different events numbered less than 250 athletes. The different sports featured on that inaugural event included weightlifting, tennis and swimming. Wrestling, shooting and gymnastics were also held. Add to that, other athletes competed in fencing, cycling and athletics. This initial success served as a positive indication of more great things to come in future events.

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